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Residential / WiFi

Artmotion WiFi network provides access to Internet and IP based services to mobile and fixed residential users. WiFi network also called as Public Hotspots are located at Prishtina major locations including cafes, hotels, frequented streets, public buildings etc.
You can s urf or access Internet simply and reliably, at extremely high data transfer rate which depends on selected service. ARTMOTION WiFi network is a public WLAN service offering very fast internet access (up to 50 times faster than regular dial-up access). It is based on WLAN IEEE 802.11b standard and supports all standardized equipment.

  Our WiFi network can be found under SSID (Service Set Identifier)

Fixed Residential users can use any standardized device which meets IEEE802.11b and depending on their location they can use external antennas for better signal strength.

  Caffes and Public locations where ARTMOTION WiFi is available:
Strip Depo, Aroma1, Metropol, Café Press, Aroma2, Agora1, Agora2, Bamboo1, Bamboo2, AM/PM, Shark, Garage, Rron, Morena, Queens , Papa's, Groovie.

   Locations for Fixed residential users:
Hajdar Dushi street , Ilaz Kodra Street .

ARTMOTION is continuously expanding its WiFi network in Prishtina region

Subsciption for ARTMOTION Wireless Service can be done at through ARTMOTION WiFi Cards which can be found at ARTMOTION main office.

Availible packages:

   WiFi 64
Full access to Internet services at speed 64kbit/s (WEB, MAIL, IRC, P2P)
1 Email address (on request)
5 MB webspace

   WiFi 128
Full access to Internet services at speed 128kbit/s (WEB, MAIL, IRC, P2P)
1 Email address (on request)
15 MB webspace

   WiFi 256
Full access to Internet services at speed 256kbit/s (WEB, MAIL, IRC, P2P)
1 Email address (on request)
25 MB webspace


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